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Words: From Me to You

Jun 27 13

BY ANDREA MUFARREH We all remember a time when someone said something that we will never forget. Most of the time, it’s something that didn’t just prick us or shock us, but rather, it’s something that lives within us. It’s like a thorn in our side that makes us feel inadequate and misunderstood. I don’t […]

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A Word Like Cure

Jun 25 13

BY MICHAEL LOUELLA First published by defeatHIV   From the very beginning, I was warned about a word like cure. I was preparing to teach a class at Gay City University on the latest scientific developments motivating the thoughts behind and the investigations into potential cures for HIV. I remember I was excited to have […]

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How Many People are Living with HIV in the World?

Jun 21 13

A great graphic from UNAIDS (click here for Source) that takes a look at how many people are living with HIV versus those getting the necessary treatment.  It begs the question, what more can we ALL be doing to Lower the overall number of those living with HIV Lessen the gap between the number of […]

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7 Awesome TED Talks on the Subject of AIDS/HIV

Jun 10 13

BY:  JOSEPH PICKETT is a fantastic way to learn about hundreds of fascinating topics from expert speakers around the world. One of the topics that you can learn a lot about from TED is AIDS and HIV. This public health crisis affects millions of people around the world.   Fortunately, there are many well-known […]

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Pablo Panda Sandoval wears The Bracelet … Until There’s A Cure

May 30 13

Pablo Panda Sandoval wears The Bracelet … Until There’s A Cure What about you?

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Winning Raffle Tickets for SF Giants “Until There’s A Cure” Game

May 23 13

Thank You SO much to everyone who came out and made the 20th Annual San Francisco Giants “Until There’s A Cure” Game a GIANT success!! If you purchased Raffle tickets throughout the game but weren’t able to check your ticket numbers, we’ve listed them below.  To claim your prizes, please call 650-332-3200 or email us […]

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My Commitment … Until There’s A Cure

May 06 13

  It’s been nearly 19 years since I read a local newspaper article about 2 women – neighbors of mine, really – who had joined together the year before to establish a foundation to help end AIDS. I was immediately drawn to the story about their concern for the future faced by their children in […]

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Running Until There’s A Cure

Apr 16 13

Letter to Until There’s A Cure (11/10/12):   I sent in an early donation from one of my clients last month that was supporting me to run the New York Marathon.  Herewith the balance.   After losing my brother to HIV/AIDS in 2004 – I started running in these races as a way to raise […]

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20th Annual “Until There’s A Cure” San Francisco Giants Game!

Apr 09 13

Join us for the 20th Annual “Until There’s A Cure” SF Giants Game! Tuesday, May 21 at 7:15pm vs Washington Nationals Click Here to Purchase Your Tickets  

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Gifts for Good: Arm yourself with The Bracelet

Mar 28 13

TBT! Featured in Dance Spirit Magazine circa 1997 as an item that Raises Awareness AND Funds a good cause: The Until There’s A Cure Bracelet!

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