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International Day Against Homophobia – May 17th

May 17 11

BY HANA KAJIMURA Today is the International Day Against Homophobia. Just 21 years ago today, the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from its list of mental illness. Today reminds parents to tell their children, regardless of their sexual orientation, that they love them. Today, teachers and employers work to create safe and open spaces for […]


Realities of HIV/AIDS in the San Francisco Bay Area

Jan 21 11

By Hana Kajimura The subject line of the email read: “FACT: SF has the 2nd highest number of reported AIDS cases in the nation.” It advertised a panel on Stanford’s Campus called “The Realities of HIV/AIDS in the Bay Area,” which featured representatives from Bay Positives, a support organization for young people, AIDS Legal Referral […]


HIV/AIDS: On the front page or not…

Dec 22 10

BY HANA KAJIMURA The holiday season means a lot of travel. For me, airports and airplanes go hand in hand with magazines full of “holiday gift guides” and “2010 wrap ups”. As I flipped through the health page of the December 24th-Jan 7th edition of The Week, reading about how naps and dreams make us […]

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