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HIV is NOT something you want to pass along

Apr 02 12

Please participate in our Educate a Woman, Educate a Nation campaign. Raise your voice and $10,000 for the 16 million HIV+ Women and Girls worldwide, who are in desperate need of urgent care services. Join the Conversation . . . Until There’s A Cure

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Join the Conversation

Mar 29 12

Silence = Death Please help Raise Awareness and be part of the Solution.  Join the Conversation by taking part in our brief survey through our Facebook page.   Thank You!


Study Finds improvements in teen sexual behavior, but increased risks

Mar 23 12

This story, appearing in the New York Times, discusses the encouraging developments in US teens‘ sexual behavior, but highlights an important, and disturbing trend: while teens are delaying sex and increasing their condom use over a 17-year period, the rate of HIV and other STDs is increasing in the past few years. The article states […]

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Lady Gaga Stands Up for HIV/AIDS

Feb 24 11

By Hana Kajimura “It is shame and stigma that make you not protect yourself, make you not treat yourself with respect.” – Lady Gaga Personal opinions aside, the numbers don’t lie. With 60 million singles, six number one songs, videos viewed over 8 billion times, and now the fastest selling single in iTunes history, we […]