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Robin Barkins: My Story

May 30 13

My name is Robin Barkins.  I was first diagnosed with HIV at age 15 – just 4 months before my 16th birthday.  When I first heard the news, I instantly thought my life was over.  I refused all HIV treatment.  I began to use drugs heavily and I slept around with different men and women […]

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Until There’s A Cure Teams Up With the Oakland Raiders

Jul 24 12

The beginning of the football season is a special occasion for many Americans which incorporates its own set of traditions and special preparations. From family gatherings around the T.V. set to tailgate barbeques in the stadium parking lot, each American family celebrates football in its own unique way. This year, UNTIL is offering you a […]

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Jun 29 12

Embarrassment. An Opportunistic Infection by Mwaganu wa Kaggia I am embarrassed to talk about SEX So I avoid talking to my children I giggle and laugh nervously Whenever the word SEX is mentioned I am too embarrassed to look up In the age of HIV/AIDS My embarrassment continues About SEX, AIDS and CONDOMS I am […]

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Letter to HIV. The Other Face of Living with HIV.

Jun 26 12

Maria not only video blogs, but she also does most of them in both English and Spanish so she can help raise awareness with as many people as possible!   LETTER TO HIV. THE OTHER FACE OF LIVING WITH HIV CARTA PARA EL VIH. LA OTRA CARA DE VIVIR CON EL VIRUS   Maria’s Letter […]

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Knowledge is Power

Jun 18 12

BY KATIE OLSEN One of the most important issues revolving around the HIV/AIDS crisis I have discovered while working with Until There’s A Cure is the education of the virus itself.  This paired with diminished public consciousness has raised great concerns within the AIDS community regarding the awareness of the disease and, with the economy […]

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Olympian Greg Louganis

Jun 13 12

Greg Louganis is one of the most successful Olympic divers ever to grace the games, with 4 gold medals and countless other titles in international games. In the 1988 Olympics he hit his head on the diving board and suffered from a concussion, yet still qualified with the highest score on his next dive. Greg […]

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Happy Father’s Day!

Jun 08 12

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and what better gift for Dad than the gift that increases awareness, compassion, understanding, and responsibility.   For the Classic Dad… Our signature cuff-style bracelet made in Italy. Silver Plate ($25), Stainless Steel Graphite Tone ($50), Stainless Steel ($50), Sterling Silver ($95), Sterling Silver w/ 18k Ribbon ($125) For the Modern Dad… The […]

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HIV and Love

Jun 05 12

Love, how beautiful it is! This is so important for people living with HIV/AIDS…to have someone who loves you for you and can see past the illness, that is if they are negative..I am very blessed that after all these years of being positive and thinking way back ( I WILL NEVER MARRY), I have been blessed […]

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May 30 12

So yeah! I was looking forward to a nice relaxing day! Away from everything…just a place where they could pamper me…release some stress. YES! The beauty salon…yay…getting my hair done, my hands and feet done. Just time for little old me to get away from daily life…and of course, my job or mission never has a […]

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6 Misconceptions Young People Have About HIV/AIDS

May 25 12

Hydeia Broadbent Sets it Straight BY TOMIKA ANDERSON Reposted to showcase one of our newest spokes-people and proud partnerships: Hydeia Broadbent Hydeia Broadbent has been living with HIV her entire life, but as she told Black Enterprise yesterday, that has not been a death sentence.  In fact, the 26-year-old AIDS activist has been a very […]

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