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America’s Giving Challenge Ends Friday at 3 PM!

Nov 04 09

The Case Foundation, Causes, and PARADE Magazine’s month-long project to inspire charitable giving is coming to a close. The last day to make donations is this Friday, November 6th. America’s Giving Challenge is an effort to publicize small, continued giving to charities all across the country and around the world. The goal of the event […]

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The True Value of a Gift

Oct 08 09

We’ve been Tweeting and updating our Facebook status like mad these past couple of days, trying to make people aware of America’s Giving Challenge. The really exciting thing about AGC is not that we generate donations [OK, to be fair, that is REALLY exciting, but it’s not the only reason we’re thrilled to participate], but […]

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The Giving Challenge is On… and we’re top 5!

Oct 07 09

America’s Giving Challenge kicked off about an hour ago, and Until There’s A Cure Foundation is at #5! Please help us win a daily award of $1,000 and an overall prize of $50,000 by donating as often as possible… with the Giving Challenge, it’s not the size of the donation that matters. Please go to […]