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Why I will continue to fight against HIV … Until There’s A Cure

Oct 09 12

BY NATALIE CARTAL Three months ago when I arrived at Until There’s A Cure as an intern, HIV still scared the bananas out of me. It seemed so foreign, like something you only read about in the news or hear about on T.V. At that point, I hadn’t yet seen what the virus can do. […]

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Please VOTE TODAY to Help our friends at Bicycle Empowerment Centre of Namibia!

Apr 30 12

  Dear friends of BEN Namibia, The Bicycle Empowerment Centre (BEC) model has changed cycling in Namibia. Each BEC is an independent social enterprise that creates jobs, provides affordable mobility and ensures ongoing bicycle maintenance services. Profits support local welfare programmes, many focussed on children orphaned through the AIDS crisis. More than 23,000 bicycles have […]

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Michelle Williams Wears the African Art Bracelets

Jan 05 12

Michelle Williams wears the African Art Bracelets.  Now $25!   We recognized the demand for the African Art Bracelets and we recognized the obstacle with the price; so we’ve been in negotiation and are finally able to offer the African Arts for $25.00!! 90% of the proceeds are still reinvested in the fight against […]

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What I Have Learned

Oct 21 11

Time sure flies by… the three months that I’ve been working with UNTIL for the HIV/AIDS cause is now coming to an end. While working with the lovely staff of Until There’s A Cure, I discovered many differences between a Non-profit organization and what I knew from my earlier projects. In my past experience I […]


International Day Against Homophobia – May 17th

May 17 11

BY HANA KAJIMURA Today is the International Day Against Homophobia. Just 21 years ago today, the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from its list of mental illness. Today reminds parents to tell their children, regardless of their sexual orientation, that they love them. Today, teachers and employers work to create safe and open spaces for […]


AIDS: At last, the good news

May 16 11

This article was originally posted on May 12 at by G.C. TEN years ago, at the inflection point in attitudes to the AIDS epidemic when both drugs and money to deal with it were rapidly becoming available in serious quantities, there was an acrimonious debate between medical experts and activists about what to do […]


Where do you Stand?

May 11 11

BY HANA KAJIMURA “Should we only encourage those at risk to get tested, in response to possible infection? Or can people get tested to raise awareness and stand in solidarity with those who are at higher risk? If one in five people who are infected with HIV do not know it yet, should we spend […]

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With Osama Bin Laden Gone, Can AIDS Be Public Enemy #1?

May 05 11

By Regan Hofmann Editor-In-Chief, POZ Osama Bin Laden is reported dead. His body buried at sea. Al Qaeda has been dealt a walloping blow. A world without Bin Laden is better than a world with him here. But still, we should not gloat over any death, no matter how arguably necessary. And let us not […]

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Fashion with a Heart

Apr 26 11

New Partnership Promotes “Positive Action” Until There’s a Cure is thrilled to announce its partnership with, a curated online shopping destination for local, independent fashion in San Francisco. Kreeya, sanskrit for “positive action,” connects independent designers with people who want to make a statement with the clothes they wear. Starting today, you can shop for many UTAC […]


Government Budget Cuts Take a Toll … Near and Far

Apr 13 11

BY HANA KAJIMURA “Budget cuts kill! Fight global AIDS!” – Activists protesting budget cuts I don’t know about all of you, but my life was affected last week when the U.S. Government almost shutdown—I waited to find out if I would be dog sitting for my family who was supposed to go to the Grand […]