Volunteer & Internship

Volunteer Opportunities

Call Until There’s A Cure at (650) 332-3200 or your local AIDS organization to inquire about volunteer opportunities.


Virtual Volunteer

The Until There’s A Cure Virtual Volunteer Program gives our supporters the opportunity to actively help us reach our goal of eradicating HIV/AIDS by raising funds and awareness for the epidemic. The goal of the Program is mobilize our supporters on the individual level to maximize our collective impact on the global fight against HIV/AIDS. By leveraging social networking platforms and taking action in our individual communities, we can join our efforts as ONE COMMUNITY to end HIV/AIDS.

By signing up as a Virtual Volunteer, you are signing up to volunteer the time and efforts that you can afford within your schedule. With this Program, you have no obligation to Until There’s A Cure. Please fill in the below fields to start your journey as an Until There’s A Cure Virtual Volunteer:

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Internship Opportunities 

Until There’s A Cure is seeking responsible and motivated individuals to intern in our West Coast office. This is an incredible opportunity to learn and engage in cutting-edge, meaningful work for a nationally-renowned non-profit AIDS organization. Our interns play a vital role in our organizational success, and can anticipate a challenging but rewarding experience.

UNTIL consists of a small staff, which will afford its interns the opportunity to develop skills in specific areas of personal interest. The Interns will assist the entire team in a wide range of areas relating to community relations, advocacy, and fundraising. Interns will obtain a meaningful understanding of how to approach the needs of those that are affected by HIV/AIDS.

This internship is designed to be both educational and practical. In this position, the intern will learn how to take skills she or he may have acquired in school related to his or her particular areas of interest, and apply them in a professional setting. He or she will gain a better understanding of the role played by non-profit organizations with respect to raising awareness and fundraising, and be better prepared to work in the arena of HIV/AIDS and the workings of non-profit organizations. The candidate will also have opportunities to network with program staff, affiliate partners, and the broader community. We are no longer accepting applications for Summer 2015. We will soon be opening the application process for those interested in Fall 2015.


Available Internships

** Accepting Applications for Fall 2015 **

Marketing & Social Media

As a Marketing Intern, you will be tasked with identifying how we can better market our products, reach our customers, and expand our customer base. Additionally, you will play an important role in crafting our marketing message surrounding sales campaigns, marketing efforts, and product acquisition. Furthermore, you will be the frontline between Until There’s A Cure and our customers by learning their preferences and products wishes. You will help guide our marketing down traditional courses while exploring new and emerging options within the marketing field. We allow for independence and exploration through educational and practical skill acquisition. This internship requires someone who is personable, eloquent, strategic, and creative. Previous experience with Marketing NOT required.

Business Development & Sales 

Although we have been around since 1993, Until There’s A Cure is always looking for new ways to expand and grow our non-profit operations. Business Development & Sales (BDS) Interns will play a pivotal role in helping us look for new opportunities to expand our operations and business reach. Working with management and other departments, you will help draft strategies, identify underserved groups, and play a role in determining our non-profit’s direction. In addition, BDS Interns will be influential in determining the future of our product lines. BDS Interns will also help identify new and potential partnerships across government, private, and public spaces in order to find key growth opportunities. Finally, BDS Interns will help determine greater opportunities to spread our message through our products and possible selling ventures whether through online, retailers, or trade shows. This internship requires someone who is dynamic, creative, forward thinking, and dedicated. Previous experience with Business Development or Sales NOT required.

Public Relations

As a non-profit, Until There’s A Cure seeks to maintain a strong Public Relations (PR) presence across numerous mediums. We are looking for someone who can help take our operations to a new level through unexplored and/or previously forgone avenues. PR Interns will be charged with maintaining our external communications, while helping to draft our internal operating messages. Working with various departments, PR Interns will play a vital role in promoting our organization, our services, our products, and our values to different audiences from corporate entities to fellow non-profits. Through hands-on projects, our PR interns will help shape the direction of our business internally and externally by being our spokesmen and navigators within the realm of traditional and social media. The internship requires someone who is attentive, communicative, creative, driven, and personable. Previous experience with PR NOT required.

Public Policy & Advocacy

Until There’s A Cure has launched a public policy initiative, How I Value (HIV) Life Movement, and we are looking for thinkers, activists, and advocates to help start a new social justice organization centered on broad advocacy and coalition-building across different social justice fields. During the PPA internship, you will help us strategize, write, and pitch our legislative ideas on the issues of Youth Homelessness and HIV Criminalization. You will have a great opportunity to immerse yourself within the issues and be involved in changing minds, lives, and policies. PPA Interns will help aggregate information, initiate social justice campaigns, coordinate with fellow organizations, and compile recommendations all in order to construct effective public policy change. Furthermore, PPA interns will attend meetings with community leaders, organization directors, and legislative members in California. This internship will give you a personal experience with issues, ability to draft legislation, and opportunities working in an enthusiastic team dynamic looking to solve social problems. This internship will help build skills learning about policy structure, ground-level needs, and personal initiative. This internship requires someone who is passionate, driven, motivated, creative, cooperative, and outgoing. Previous Public Policy or Policy Advocacy experience NOT required.

College/High School Representative

Although it’s been over 30 years since HIV/AIDS was discovered, there is still no known cure! Furthermore, many people seem to think that it has been cured! We are looking for individual who have a strong passion for social causes, sales, and school pride! The College/High School Campus Representatives (Campus Reps) internship allows you the opportunity to intern from your college or high school while promoting the values, products, and services offered by Until There’s A Cure. In addition, you will be charged with the task of informing individuals about HIV/AIDS policies, efforts, and education. For the self-starter, the self-motivated, and the passionate, this is a perfect position for you! This position also allows you to play numerous roles at once: educator, salesperson, and leader. After a brief training session, Campus Reps will take on the task of identifying prime products for their market, establish strategic partnerships on campus, and facilitate campus events to promote the message of Until There’s A Cure. This internship requires someone who is personable, initiative-driven, creative, communicative, and hardworking. Previous Sales or PR experience NOT required.

Executive Administrative Assistant

As an Administrative Assistant, you will have a hands-on experience working at all levels of Until There’s A Cure Foundation working closely with our Executive Director. This position will help jumpstart your career in understanding the fine aspects of running a non-profit by scheduling events, participating in meetings, and coordinating efforts in and out of the company. Additionally, this position allows people with initiative, drive, and creativity to have a platform to let their ideas rise and soar! With your ingenuity and passion, you will help govern the day-to-day operations of our organization, while playing a vital role in our company’s strategy. Not only will this provide you with excellent job training experience, the Administrative Assistant position will help you build a portfolio of projects, increase your network, and increase your exposure to the entirety of business operations. The Administrative Assistant position also provides you with the opportunity to dabble in multiple areas beyond the realm of business development: public relations, graphic design, customer relations, and product research. The Administrative Assistant will allow you to display your wide set of skills, but also allow you to learn new and practical skills. This internship requires someone who is personable, confidant, strategic, detail-oriented, and hardworking. Previous Administrative experience is preferred, but not required. This position requires someone who is willing to contribute a minimum of 20 hours per week to the position. It may also require work outside of the office to be done.


To Apply

Email your resume and cover letter to norahanna@utac.org with UTAC Internship in the subject line. Make sure to indicate in either the title or body which position you are applying for. We accept applications on a rolling, ongoing basis. Apply anytime!


Intern Testimonials 

Working with Until There’s A Cure has not only taught me important facts about HIV/AIDS, but has also taught me what it looks like to be a part of funding the cure. I have learned that the discovery and the funding of the cure go hand in hand. I have had the chance to exercise my creativity by putting together online campaigns about one of the causes and effects of HIV/AIDS, namely, sex-trafficking. This has helped me learn how to engage people with a convicting message about justice to compel others to action. — Andrea Mufarreh, Summer Intern

After spending the last year at Until There’s A Cure, I have gained enormous understanding about how a non-profit functions, operates, and coordinates. Throughout my internship, I have gained valuable insight on how to approach logistical problems and overcome them through problem-solving strategies and teamwork. Additionally, Until There’s A Cure gave me the chance to take on initiatives that I would never gotten in a traditional internship environment. While working closely with the Executive Director, I learned so many skills and obtained a breadth of business knowledge that I will actively apply to my graduate studies this coming fall. I am very grateful and thankful for all the opportunities afforded to me during my time at Until There’s A Cure! I could not recommend enough Until There’s A Cure as a place to intern! — Evan Revak, Business Development Intern (2014 – 2015)