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Donate a Gift in Tribute to Mom


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 Friend, Family, and Supporters —

We all have amazing women in our lives who give us strength and encouragement, and sometimes on Mother’s Day, no matter what we do to pay tribute to them, it never seems like enough.

This year, we would like to invite you to donate a gift in tribute to that special person or persons in your life. There are 16 million HIV+ Mother’s and Daughter’s worldwide in need of urgent care services.   Donate to the Educate a Woman, Educate a Nation project to honor someone important in your life and send an Ecard to them, informing them of the donation.  It’ll mean a lot to your loved one.

Join us in wishing Mother’s around the world a happy Mother’s Day.


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One Response to “Donate a Gift in Tribute to Mom”

  1. Hassan says:

    Bahahaha. I was just donating to a frined’s Ride for Heart fund, and I remembered that I forgot to donate to your insanely-long bike ride fund. Pete and I wanted to donate to both you and Claire for fairness, except I forgot and Pete didn’t. So if Claire was wondering why she got a donation from Pete, that is the story.

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