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Why I Volunteer with UNTIL

Aug 17 11

BY LAURA MEJESKI  My involvement with UNTIL started slowly.  I began volunteering sporadically at various UNTIL events.  As I learned more about the foundation I knew I had to be an active player.  It was not long before I began volunteering part-time, and I plan to continue participating even when I move back toOregonfrom the […]


My Internship

Aug 15 11

BY LOLLY KRUSE I was given the opportunity to be an intern for two weeks this summer at Until There’s A Cure. What I thought would be a series of mundane activities for two weeks (making copies, packaging bracelets, normal intern stuff) actually turned into an unforgettable experience. My first task was to make a […]

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Cannock man jailed for giving partner HIV

Aug 01 11

BY HANA KAJIMURA http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-14278583 I’m sad to see HIV transmission returning to “reckless behavior” and those infected with HIV debased to “monsters” by the press— feels like a huge step (more like a 30-year-leap) backwards. Seems to me that all involved here need resources and information, not jail time. Just last year our White House […]

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While We Continue Searching for A Cure…

Jul 25 11

BY NORA HANNA: Thirty years ago, the first report on HIV was written.   In the beginning doctors, scientists and patients were trying to understand HIV….how did you become infected, why did it become AIDS?  The doctors, scientists and patients then moved to prescribing the right “cocktail” of drugs to help with longevity of life.  During […]


The Story of an AIDS Orphan in America….Not Africa

Jul 12 11

BY HANA KAJIMURA Summer is the only time of the year that I get to read for pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, my classes have introduced me to world-class literature, but there’s something freeing and relaxing about reading your own book on your own time– I just wish I had more of it. My summer […]


Working Together is the Answer

Jul 06 11

Within the last few years we have made great strides in the HIV medical field.  Scientists have created very promising drugs that significantly reduce ones risk for contracting HIV.  Last summer, researchers at the Center for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA) publicly introduced 1%tenofovir gel, a topical gel that when applied before […]

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Passion with an Impact

Jun 30 11

BY HANA KAJIMURA At the end of this school year, I found out that I had been accepted to Stanford’s study abroad program in Cape Town, South Africa for next winter (January ’12- March ’12). As ecstatic as I am to be a part of such a competitive program and to embark on this adventure, […]


June is a Busy Month for HIV/AIDS

Jun 23 11

Every year, June 5th marks another anniversary for the first reported case of HIV/AIDS (we are now upon our 30th year; the first reported case was in 1981) and June 27th has been National HIV Testing Day for 17 years now.  These annual milestones remind all of us at UTAC, even more than usual, that […]

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30 Years and Progress

Jun 08 11

BY HANA KAJIMURA It is not supposed to rain in June. Flower petals fight losing battles against falling raindrops, and ants scurry through the unkempt cracks and crevices of our walls searching for cover. Sports games and barbeques are canceled. Summer storms lull angry gardeners and stir-crazy children to sleep. Weather.com reports that San Francisco […]

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Commemorating 30 Years

Jun 03 11

June 5th marks the 30th Anniversary of the 1st documented case of HIV/AIDS. There is a Cure for AIDS… This bracelet is a reminder that we are not there – yet. Wear it in memory for those who have fought the war called AIDS. Wear it in support of those who today, continue to fight […]

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