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FDA Approves Heat-Stable Norvir Tablets

Feb 17 10

A tablet version of Norvir (ritonavir) has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to notices from the agency and Norvir’s manufacturer Abbott Laboratories. The film-coated tablet’s prime advantage over Norvir capsules is its heat-stable formulation that doesn’t require refrigeration —a significant advantage, notably in parts of the world where refrigeration and climate […]

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Until There’s A Cure in Uganda: an explanation of UTAC’s granting strategy

Oct 24 08

An Explanation and Case Study of UTAC Granting Until There’s A Cure is a grant-making organization. Because UTAC commits money to other organizations which provide direct care and services, prevention education and awareness, medical vaccine research, and vaccine development advocacy in the field of HIV/AIDS support, we ask that grant recipients keep us informed of […]


Schools campaign is live!

Oct 13 08

We’ve sent brochures and information to more than 5,000 schools across the United States, inviting them to join in the fall campaign with Until There’s A Cure. If your school is one of them, great! We’d love to talk to you about setting up a fundraiser, and helping you get the word out. If your […]

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create a WEARness… Until There’s A Cure

Jul 23 08

We are finalizing our new fundraising initiative — UNTIL wristbands at high schools and middle schools across the country. This campaign will be truly comprehensive, involving physical events as well as interactive participation online. It’s a lot of work but we’re very excited… and busy! As part of the campaign, we’re encouraging people to send […]



Jun 19 08

Please view the WNBA’s promotion video for the Minnesota Lynx Until There’s A Cure Night with Candice Wiggins! -Kelly