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What I Have Learned

Oct 21 11

Time sure flies by… the three months that I’ve been working with UNTIL for the HIV/AIDS cause is now coming to an end. While working with the lovely staff of Until There’s A Cure, I discovered many differences between a Non-profit organization and what I knew from my earlier projects. In my past experience I […]


Scientists Identify Chemical In Bananas As Potent Inhibitor Of HIV Infection

Mar 16 10

A potent new inhibitor of HIV, derived from bananas, may open the door to new treatments to prevent sexual transmission of HIV, according to a University of Michigan Medical School study published this week. Scientists have an emerging interest in lectins, naturally occurring chemicals in plants, because of their ability to halt the chain of reaction […]

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Schools campaign is live!

Oct 13 08

We’ve sent brochures and information to more than 5,000 schools across the United States, inviting them to join in the fall campaign with Until There’s A Cure. If your school is one of them, great! We’d love to talk to you about setting up a fundraiser, and helping you get the word out. If your […]

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